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Roundabout Press was founded with the purpose of publishing new American fiction. We endeavor to provide a forum to literary artists that is free from corporate or conglomerate concerns. We are committed to the printed book as an art form, with design and printing standards of the highest quality (although we also offer electronic and audio formats).

New and Forthcoming Titles:

Praise for Kevin Dowd’s
The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July reminded me of such gin-soaked comic classics as A Confederacy of Dunces and The Ginger Man. Dowd’s hero, Jack Smith, joins the rank of those lovable rogues, a man who spends his summer tippling into all sorts of trouble with only the best intentions. I laughed out loud.

— Rand Richards Cooper,
author The Last To Go

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Praise for Jaime Clarke’s
Vernon Downs

Named one of the most anticipated books of 2014The Millions

Jaime Clarke’s tautly suspenseful novel is a cautionary tale for writers and readers alike—after finishing it, you may start to think that J.D. Salinger had the right idea after all.

— Tom Perrotta, author of Election,
Little Children
, and The Leftovers

Moving and edgy in just the right way. Love (or lack of) and Family (or lack of) is at the heart of this wonderfully obsessive novel.

- Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad
True Love Story

Here’s a meta-mind trip for you: Bret Easton Ellis, author of the celebrity-obsessed tomes Glamorama and American Psycho, is now the subject of a novel himself. Pop your Xanax, people. The plot: a young writer crazily obsesses about [a] celebrity novelist. Woah.


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Praise for David Ryan’s
Animals in Motion

From the first page of ANIMALS IN MOTION one is immersed in the precisionist’s world, filled with startling light, stunning events, exquisitely captured moments—a haunting world of which the reader has a particularly wide-angled view. Story after story Ryan works his unique magic, showing us a world as mystifying as it is mundane. This recognition, that the ordinary is very strange indeed, is at the heart of these quiet but searing stories. ANIMALS IN MOTION is a marvel.”

—Frederick Barthelme

Wow, these stories are good. They are elegant and stealthy and tender, even as they dramatize our more animal passions, the longing and regret especially. Often startling for how they’ve been put together, the ingenuity is matched only by the excellence of Ryan’s sentence making.”

—Fiona Maazel, author of Woke Up Lonely

David Ryan is a 21st century Steinbeck. His stories are contemplations on the restless soul, lost and meandering through a wilderness of casinos, glass box office buildings, baggage claims, and KFC. The world of Animals in Motion is stark and brutal, but teeming with humanity, wit, heart, and spirit. The complexity beneath Ryan’s bare-bones prose puts ANIMALS IN MOTION on the shelf of books to be read again and again.”

—Julia Slavin

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Praise for Maria Flook’s
Mothers and Lovers

MOTHERS AND LOVERS is an incendiary exploration of the stormy chemistry that emerges when the lives of strangers intersect. April O’Rourke is a haunting, haunted heroine. I would follow her and this devastating, deeply humane novel, anywhere.”

—Laura van den Berg, author of The Isle of Youth.

MOTHERS AND LOVERS explores those currents of transgressive sexuality that lie beneath ordinary life, and the dangerous shifting of roles and identities that results when those currents are loosed. By turns witty, suspenseful, and erotic, this is first-rate storytelling.”

—Jean Thompson, author of The Humanity Project and
National Book Award Finalist for Who Do You Love.

Maria Flook stuns with MOTHERS AND LOVERS. I’m in awe of this book.

—Ryan Boudinot, author of Blueprints of the Afterlife.

Maria Flook casts her ever-discerning eye over the interior life of America today. Flook loves her characters with an unrelenting compassion, and bravely dares her readers not to. The dare succeeds, and drives the novel home.

—James Carroll, National Book Award Winner
and author of Warburg in Rome.

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This collection of linked stories follows the curses of a father, visited upon the Nash family over the course of three generations, spanning the 1960′s to the present. In rich, moving episodes, readers engage the lives of stunned-straight racists, scarred veterans, doomed lovers, would-be assassins, gun-toting grandmothers, nascent female crime-bosses, ambivalent mourners, big-time drug-running, and bewildered survivors trying to make sense of it all. This is not a family—it’s a world; this is not a book—it’s an indictment; these words are not written—they’re howled.

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