Urbanite Thoughts
Florence Ruthwraight

3 am, Boston

 Can the cardigan-in-the-purse woman ever evolve into attractive woman?  What’s stopping her?

Why don’t E.R.s have gift certificates?

Does EVERYONE have great sex after Cirque du Soleil?

Do new parents hold their baby and think, “I hope this person’s not a total asshole”?

Is objectification relegated to women, or do writers ever compare men’s balls to fruit?

When men show up to an event in a tuxedo, do they get embarrassed about wearing the same thing?

Was it bad form to step on the gym treadmill and then curl up in the fetal position? It only happened, like twice.

On a scale from 1-10, how severely mentally ill do I need to be before I become “quirky”?

Do the people who claim “bread is convenient” ever really hear themselves? I hope when they die they get sent to the gluten circle of hell.

Will my 4-week clowning intensive ever pay off?