Coming in 2017: The Guardian Angel of Lawyers by Laura Chalar

bw_chalar_small-1-of-1A well-respected lawyer is haunted by a crime he committed in his youth. Violence between a young couple offers a harried criminal judge an unlikely chance for redemption. A controversial college professor enlists one of his students to obtain the skull of a murderer in order to prove a groundbreaking theory. In this collection of stories, many of them drawing from her experience of the legal profession, Uruguayan author Laura Chalar explores issues of morality and conflict, shedding light on our most questionable actions and on the enduring effects of the things we do to others and ourselves.

Stay tuned for more about Laura and her upcoming collection!

Welcome Back!

Roundabout Press welcomes you back! Our long hiatus has ended. We have a new site, a new staff, and have been filling our upcoming catalogue with new fiction by authors willing to challenge conventions.

On the site, you’ll see the books we’ve published in the past, which are still available for purchase. As the new books roll off the press, they will appear for sale there alongside our backlist, as well as in internet and real-world bookstores. We encourage you to purchase directly through us to better help keep us running and able to produce physical books of the highest quality, books that offer a rewarding aesthetic experience for our authors and our readers.

What we need now is a team of writers to cover the underbelly of the literary scene for Uncommon Sense, our blog for topics at the fringe. That means digging into the past and wading in the currents of contemporary literature to find things less exposed to the mainstream.

To apply, send a brief cover letter describing your literary interests and why you’re a good fit. Also, please include a sample post (500 words max) to demonstrate the direction and quality of your work. Send materials to with “Uncommon Sense” in the subject line. Since our operating budget is quite low right now, we can pay only in dedicated editorial support and promotion of your work.
Again, the hardiest welcomes from the gang here at Roundabout Press!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Roundabout Press is undergoing some changes. We have a new staff and expect to re-launch later this year with a new site, a new look, and a new focus on more experimental forms of fiction.

We will open a general call for submissions (May through August 2016) to discover novels and novellas to add to our new catalogue. We want work that shakes the structures as we know them while maintaining literary excellence.

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-Brian Lance, Editor